The New Batgirl : Finally a modest and functional costume / "supersuit" I can get behind.


So... I was into comics when I was younger. We're talking elementary school. I read Archie (which barely counts, I know) but I was also into X-men and started to read Batman just before I hit 8th grade and became just "too cool" and desperately tried to conform (worst two years of my life!) And I just never really got back into them.* 

Quick topic change, but not really: Ever since I found out Rachel was a girl when I was pregnant I've been shocked at the world around me. The clear objectification and early sexualization of women and girls in the media and just in everyone's everyday mentality suddenly became overwhelming and I feared for my daughter's self image, self worth and self confidence. There are some in the world who obviously notices it too, just look at Dove's recent advertising efforts in #ChooseBeautiful or the #ImNoAngel campaign, though that one still kind of sexualizes women, but its underwear, so it seems not as bad as when its hamburgers. (and lets be honest, even plus size models are unproportionally beautiful! I'm still waiting for a short, fat model who has that post pregnant belly fold that I do ... and that is not my actual belly I am not yet that brave.) Those are only two examples, and both focus on beauty, but you get the gist of what I'm saying. I was finally irked by those things I hadn't let bother me in my youth. And now I am shocked EVERYONE isn't appalled by them. 

ANYWAY... I was browsing the facebook, as one does, and I came across this little nifty little article on Mtv News of all places and I just died. 
Batgirl, in a costume that didn't cling to her chest like a starving infant AND in sensible shoes?! YES!!

I WAS SO HAPPY. I knew I needed to get behind this goodness. 

I've been reading the newest comics and not only is Miss Barbara Gordon fighting crime in some new awesome threads, she also writes code/programs/awesome algorithms and rooms with an awesome programmer lady too. Yay for women in computer technology jobs because yes. 

I know a lot has changed, and this this change was very deliberate as a new head writer took over. I took a glance at some of the old comics and they were just not my style. The looked over glammed and hyper sexualized (thats not to say the content was, or that the new content is 100% free of sexualization - is anything ever?) It just didn't look appealing to me. At all. 

I love the change in artistic style and in costume and in just the lighter tone of the series. 

the next issue isn't coming out until JUNE and I'm dying. 
In the mean time I'll accept this win for comic ladies and can't wait to read the new Black Canary #1 ALSO coming out in June. She plays such an important role in the Batgirl comics, and I did just what DC comics hoped I would do... I got hooked. But still, it looks promising. Check out this article on their website

I know a lot of tried and true fans have bazillions of issues with the changes, but "boo hoo" I love them for the aforementioned reasons and this is my blog. 

and for the record I have no hopes for a more modest/functional costume for Black Canary because she just does not seem like the "functional" type of girl.

Anyway, Batgirl has been standing up for equal rights for decades... just LOOK!

and for another modest costume loving article (with a more religious POV) check this one out.

*I honestly don't know if all the terminology is correct and I haven't' researched everything to death so no judging and correct politely if I need correcting.

FroYo 5k with the Family : 5k #9


The FroYo 5K has been 100% my favorite so far!

Preview Photo

I was expecting a huge crowd like the bubble race, but since this was the FroYo's first year, it was a modest size and I hope it doesn't get too big. 
The tattoos weren't in the swag bag, they were just kind of laying around on some of the tables, so we grabbed them.

They had some fun Pre Race group warm ups, but it was Zumba and I stood there for about 30 seconds before I accepted I was no where coordinated or quick enough to follow so I bowed out. Blake rocked it though. 

We then kind of hung out in our "wave" corral for about 20 minutes. 

 ... But there was a photographer roaming, so it was cool.

When we took off, I told Blake to just go b/c I wanted to concentrate and run and not really socialize. Plus I knew he would try to push me harder and I would just poop out sooner.

I didn't get any race picture because I don't know how to be that coordinated yet. It takes all my efforts just to tell myself to keep running. But they got a GREAT finishing picture of Blake and the Kids (that water bottle is about to hit Kaleb in the head)

With me however...

I'm the blurry background of this guy's awesome picture... wa wa.

But that doesn't matter, because check my time peeps! 
Best eva!

I've been talking to my friend Emily a lot about not straining yourself and running correctly, so I knew I wasn't going to push harder than I felt comfortable this race, but I kept my pace steady and I found that hills don't slow me down as much as others. I'm not super fast, but my legs can push me up and carry me up the hills without slowing down much (if i'm not pushing the stroller)

Blake met me when I was at the end (he finished before me, of course) and cheered which helped me sprint to finish line. 

I'm just a little proud of myself. (yup, thats froyo on my face)

Blake was pretty proud of himself too. He finished at 30.39 min. And that with a stroller and taking walking breaks. 

Kaleb was bribed with FroYo to stay in the stroller. 
He complied and was rewarded. 

 I tried to share mine with Rachel, but she was alseep... oh well. :D

 This was Rachel's face when she woke up and realised I had eaten all the FroYo.

 But I shared kisses with her ...

 So did Blake.

These are our slap bracelets. They are awesome and Kaleb loved them. Long live the slap bracelets!

 I told Kaleb to say "we're #1" but he said "No mommy, I'm 3!"

Seriously good SWAG. Especially that hat! built in sweat band. *fancy*

Honestly, I LOVED this run. It was awesome and well organized. It had all the perks of a fun run, but I was still able to run a good pace with no weird obstacles in my way.

It was awesome. Just can't wait for next year!

My Husband Teaches Me


The other day Kaleb was watching Frozen, and during the song that will never die, Blake asked me if I knew what a "fractal" was.

I was doing dishes and monitoring Rachel while she rolling around all over the place and I wasn't paying all that much attention to what Blake was saying.

He told me it was a mathematical image that repeats itself infinitely. He got really excited explaining everything and even brought up youtube videos zooming in on fractal images. It really was pretty cool.

Eventually I was like "ok honey, I really gotta finish this."

Later that night I thought about it, and realished how it must have sounded. Like I was brushing him off.

So, let me say here and now : I LOVE that my husband teaches me.

He is so intelligent. and he knows the most random things about the most random things.
Almost everyday I get a new little factoid, or an explanation for something I never quite understood, but didn't ever seek clarity.

Blake, if you're reading this, I am declaring before you and the interwebs that I love your giant brain and I love when you share your knowledge with me. Thank you for teaching me and helping me grow in my understanding of this world.
I love every bit of you, you smarty pants.

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